Blackwater Positions

Private military jobs have existed for almost as long as organized warfare. The Varangian Guard was a unit of the Byzantine Empire's military from the 10th to 14th centuries that was composed of mercenaries who were sent under an assistance agreement. Much further back in history, The Ten Thousand were a group of mercenary units that were drafted into service by a Persian prince in 400BC. Today, one of the largest private military companies in the world, Blackwater, continues to offer jobs in such a field, although mostly in security capacities, because of UN conventions against mercenary use, and negative public opinion about private military contractors. With its name change from Xe Services and Blackwater USA, the corporation is both distancing itself from its old image, and moving towards greater focus in training and support for government military – as seen in the Blackwater positions available.

Most of the various employment opportunities currently active are centered in locations out of the country such as Afghanistan. These can be applied for at the Impact Training Center (ITC) in North Carolina. The ITC, formerly known as the United States Training Center, is claimed to be the largest military training facility in the country, and provides training in a wide variety of militaristic fields, from hand to hand combat and CQC, to off-road driving and even courses on logistics. Open jobs right now include a variety of security positions, including Armed Security Guard, Guard Team Supervisor, and Explosive Detection Dog Handler. Blackwater positions that require a more instructional capacity include Personal Security Specialist and Firearms Instructor; such a job would involve supervising weapon re-qualification, plan and coordinate the weapons re-qualification training, and in a more logistical role, ensure that all weapons, ammunitions, materials and equipment are available when training is needed. More mundane but still-important positions have such opportunities such as XPG Cook/Food Service and Facility Maintenance and Life Support.

Blackwater positions are rather risky owing to the nature of overseas deployment, and require certain kinds of training. Taking these jobs will always have an element of danger, but there is also the thrill and experience of going around the world and training the soldiers of various militaries. And of course, these jobs pay well – the Personal Security Specialist role for example pays over 500 USD per contractual day. Blackwater positions are recommendable for anyone who's looking for something that pays well, something exciting and something new, and are willing to have a little risk in their lives for all that.

Last Updated: 24 March 2015